bFITTEENS is a blog and website created for teens to find positive and reliable health, fitness, financial and mental health advice.  The idea for bFITTEENS started when I was looking online for quick workouts and ways to eat healthier. The only health and fitness information I found was either from an unreliable source, or geared towards adults. bFITTEENS is a good resource and reference for health, fitness, financial and mental health advice written by experts and teens. The mission of bFITTEENS is to promote an all-around healthy lifestyle for teens.    #Bfitnation 

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  • banana

Go Bananas in 2017

Bananas are often overlooked as a super fruit. They aren’t the number one choice on a fruit platter and often lose out to strawberries, blueberries or apples in the lunch bag. But don’t underestimate the potency and benefits of a banana. They pack a punch with potassium, pectin and tryptophan! […]

  • Rockford Spine Center Bfit Teens (Custom)

Rockford Spine Center Video #3

Kim Alexander from the Rockford Spine Center has another video demonstrating some simple stretches and exercises to help you start the new year out feeling great! 

Check out the video below.

By Kim Alexander, Physical Therapist at the Rockford Spine Center

  • anxiety

The 411 on Anxiety

It’s getting late and you are getting ready for bed.  You lay back, relax, and then all of a sudden a thought pops into your head.  Suddenly you feel a significant urge to take care of a task right away because it feels as though if you do not you […]


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