My fellow blogger and bFIT founder, Bridget, gave advice to the class of 2020 earlier this year. I liked what she had to say and share. It inspired me to begin thinking about myself and the graduating class of 2017.  And….I would like to give a little advice, or just something to think about, as we all finish our last year of high school.

So many high school seniors are under a lot of stress right now – it’s the season of college applications. img_0462Many students are applying to several schools, while at the same time trying to keep up with all of their academic work and extracurricular activities.

Seniors have to think about their future and try to decide where they want to study, what they what to study, and how they are going to afford to study for the next four years. This is a big challenge for all, even the ones who seem to know what they are doing. Just thinking about one’s future and what you want to do can be stressful, especially for someone who is deciding this at 17 or 18 years of age.

Even though seniors are going through all of this stress of the college application process there are a few other things that add to their overall stress. Seniors have to make sure that they are keeping their grades up and completing special projects and volunteer hours.  However, all seniors should also be having some fun and making some memories. After all, it is their last year as a high school student and really their last year being a kid.

img_0135So my advice to my senior friends, make sure that you try and make every day of school fun. Even if you feel like crap one day or are stressed about a big test – remember that you have food, water, shelter, and you are getting an education. Many people in this world, even in the United States, don’t have all or any of those things. That is something to be happy and grateful for every day.

Take time to go to a school sporting event.  Attend a basketball game, volleyball game or whatever sport you school supports.  If there is a theme for the student section, participate in it. If you are playing a sport, make sure you are still having fun with it. As a senior, you are the leader on the team, you are the most experienced, make sure that you are also having the most fun.

Go to the school dances, even if you think it is going to be boring. Dance and sing your heart out like “no one is watching and you don’t care who sees.”  You will have fun.  Ask that girl or guy that you have always wanted to go to a dance with to go with you; the worst thing that can happen is they say no, the best thing that can happen is that they can say is yes.

Volunteer, go to a soup kitchen with some friends and serve food to the homeless. Find an organization where you live and find out how you can help them or the people that they are trying to help.

Spend time with your family and friends. When you graduate you will be going out into the world, some people will img_0331
stay near home, others will be moving thousands of miles away. The high school squad is like no other and no other is like it, you won’t be able to have the type of friendships you had in high school once you graduate; make sure that you spend time with your friends and not just your best friends.

Go do things, make memories, because that is what will matter 20 years down the line.  Spend time with your family. Spend time with your siblings, when you leave it will be hard for them, their big brother or sister will no longer be home to give them a hard time, or be home to have fun with them; go on little dates with them to get coffee or ice cream and really learn about your siblings and who they are.

Visit your grandparents, you never know when one might get really sick, plus they have a lot to give. Your grandparents are wise and knowledgeable and will give you advice you didn’t even know you need. Make sure you spend time with your parents, they are the ones who brought you into this world and provided a home for you, they are the ones who educated you, and they are even the ones who gave you your beautiful face. They love you so much and only want the best for you, so make sure you let them know that you are grateful for what they have and will continue to do for you.

Seniors, try to make this last year the best year ever; the best grades you have ever received, the farthest your team ever went, the best relationships you have ever had. Make time for those that you love and are important to you. Work hard. You will be successful and do great things.

Written by Robert Raleigh, bFITTEEN Blogger