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To the Class of 2020

As I start my senior year,  I can’t help but feel anxious and excited. Lately I’ve been thinking about what the future holds for me (lots of possibilities), but I have also been thinking about all the things I’ll be leaving behind.

I know that every senior (and most parents) tell incoming freshman that “high school […]

5 Reasons To Get Your Dose of Vitamin N (Nature)

5 Reasons You Should to Get Your Dose of Vitamin N (Nature)
By Be Active Outdoors and Nature At The Confluence.

We know nature makes us feel good. That’s why when the sun comes out everybody jumps for joy and heads outdoors. But did you know that nature can heal your over-stressed brain? Yes it can! And it can affect your […]

Fitting Activity Into Your Everyday Life

A lot of times when people hear the word ‘exercise’ they cringe. Do you think of sweat, hard work and boring? Exercise doesn’t have to be dreadful; in fact, it can be lots of fun! It is recommended that teens get one hour of physical activity in each day. Read on and discover four tips […]


This Bfiteens Blog is written by Robert R. | August 17, 2015

Hello #bfitnation! This is my first blog.  Currently I just finished a club soccer season, and am now playing soccer for my school. As a result of playing so much soccer, I am in pretty good “shape” – basically I can run for a […]

High School Strength Training | In-Season Training

This Bfitteen Blog is written by Sam Z. | August 12, 2015

So here is my first blog #bfitnation. I wanted to write about the importance of strength training for all teen athletes.  But, before starting any type of strength training program, it is especially important to talk with a professional trainer, physical education teacher, or […]

The DL on the ACL

This Bfitteens Blog is written by Bridget K. | August 14, 2015

In late May with only 25 seconds into the soccer game, I was running down field just about ready to kick the ball, when an opposing player went for the ball too.  Instead of kicking the ball, however, she kicked me on the side […]

Good Glutes

This blog is written by Bfitteens Blogger Missy M. | August 12, 2015

I love to exercise but have my favorite go-to exercises and workouts that really impact my glutes, legs and butt. These exercises are great to do all year, but are especially good to do to get your body in shape for sports or […]


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