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This Bfiteens Blog is written by Robert R. | August 17, 2015

Hello #bfitnation! This is my first blog.  Currently I just finished a club soccer season, and am now playing soccer for my school. As a result of playing so much soccer, I am in pretty good “shape” – basically […]

High School Strength Training | In-Season Training

This Bfitteen Blog is written by Sam Z. | August 12, 2015

So here is my first blog #bfitnation. I wanted to write about the importance of strength training for all teen athletes.  But, before starting any type of strength training program, it is especially important to talk with a professional […]

Good Glutes

This blog is written by Bfitteens Blogger Missy M. | August 12, 2015

I love to exercise but have my favorite go-to exercises and workouts that really impact my glutes, legs and butt. These exercises are great to do all year, but are especially good to do to get your body […]