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Eat Good, Feel Good

Hey, #bfitnation! I have noticed recently that the stress of junior year has taken a bit of a toll on the way I have typically taken care of myself. In the past, where there has […]

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Keeping your Wheels and Backside in Motion During the Winter Part II

In part I, we discussed WHY it is important to train your two biggest muscle groups: Back and Legs.  In part II, we’ll discuss WHAT you should be doing and how to do it.  Before […]

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Creativity and Fitness

As an artist, you need a certain type of energy and curiosity. Each area of study has their group of interested followers. Art is an especially welcoming and open area of study and appreciation; There […]

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Healthy Hair

Most people always hear about different ways to keep your body healthy from exercising to  eating better. A health regime that is often neglected, however, is that of taking care of your hair.

Growing up […]

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Go Bananas in 2017

Bananas are often overlooked as a super fruit. They aren’t the number one choice on a fruit platter and often lose out to strawberries, blueberries or apples in the lunch bag. But don’t underestimate the […]

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Rockford Spine Center Video #3

Kim Alexander from the Rockford Spine Center has another video demonstrating some simple stretches and exercises to help you start the new year out feeling great! 

Check out the video below.

By Kim Alexander, Physical Therapist at […]

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