This Bfiteens Blog is written by Robert R. | August 17, 2015

Befiteens rockford Illinois (Custom)Hello #bfitnation! This is my first blog.  Currently I just finished a club soccer season, and am now playing soccer for my school. As a result of playing so much soccer, I am in pretty good “shape” – basically I can run for a long time – well, at least an entire soccer game.

But, that is not the only type of fit I want to be. I’d like to be able to lift weights and be as physically strong as a body builder.  The problem is….lifting weights has never been to appealing to me. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like lifting weights.  So, the question is, how do I get physically strong without using weights?  After some research on the internet, I came across a calisthenics program that just might work.

Calisthenics are just exercises that are done without any special type of equipment.  Basically, you have to use your body mass and fight gravity with it. The standard exercises of calisthenics are very basic – you will probably know many of them:  the push-up, the pull-up, the dip, the sit-up and the squat.  These elementary are very important in calisthenics because they are the building blocks of which harder and harder variations can be done. I know I am not ready for these yet, but the variations include: the muscle-up, a pistol squat, one arm pull-up, one arm push-up, or the human flag. (look for photos of these in a later blog).

Many people like calisthenics (for the same reason that I have decided I do) because no gym membership is required, and you can do them anywhere (indoors and outdoors). But, I also have another reason for doing calisthenics; I want to attain the type of physique that is much more muscular than my current body type.

If you look anyone who has been seriously doing calisthenics for at least six months, you will see a muscular frame that resembles many body builders – symmetrical, lean and cut. One of the reasons for this is because calisthenics exercises don’t isolate one muscle, muscle groups can be isolated, but not a single one. Have you ever seen a person in the gym that just does bicep curls all the time?  He or she may have massive biceps, but they don’t look right, they don’t look natural; calisthenics will give you a natural muscle look. Another reason why calisthenics develops a certain physique is because the body is fighting gravity with every exercise, so the body wants to be as light as possible. Any muscle or fat that isn’t needed is tossed. This is why callisthenic bodies look so symmetrical.

So, here’s my plan. I am going to start a twelve week program called, The System by Bar Brothers.  If you want to do it along with me, you can look it up on-line.  I have to let you know that this program is not free and I am not being paid to endorse this program.  It just looked like a good program for me. I plan to start the program on September 1.

The System program is broken down into six main parts per week, those being: lower body, core, cardio, upper body, shoulders and chest.  I recommend that if you start out and it is too hard or exhausting don’t be discouraged! You can also alter the exercises in terms of reps or adaptation.  For example, for push-up try and add a push-up or two every other day. Or, you can try to add a rep every week or so. There are always modifications you can do too.  For squats you can sit in a chair and get up and down; for pull-ups you can use a lower bar until you are ready to move it higher. The point is, just get started and just keep yourself motivated.

So, what are my goals? I want to finish this program.  I have to be honest; I have a problem/issue with follow-through. I tend to start a ton of stuff, and don’t actually complete anything. This blog is going to keep me honest and motivated. I want to do five muscle-ups, a human flag and five one arm push-ups. I know there will be challenges and obstacles – school, soccer practice, homework, but this time I am going to make this a priority.

Every two weeks, I will post my progress, struggles, advances and hopefully some successes. At the end of twelve weeks, I’d like to post before and after photos. So here goes, September 1 is the start of my calisthenics program. #bfitnation.

Written by Bfit Blogger Robert R. 

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