Keeping your Wheels and Backside in Motion During the Winter Part II

In part I, we discussed WHY it is important to train your two biggest muscle groups: Back and Legs.  In part II, we’ll discuss WHAT you should be doing and how to do it.  Before we get to the nitty gritty, let’s recap on part I, shall we?

Injury Reduction
If these two muscle groups are the […]

Rockford Spine Center Video #3

Kim Alexander from the Rockford Spine Center has another video demonstrating some simple stretches and exercises to help you start the new year out feeling great! 

Check out the video below.

By Kim Alexander, Physical Therapist at the Rockford Spine Center

Advice to my Fellow Seniors

My fellow blogger and bFIT founder, Bridget, gave advice to the class of 2020 earlier this year. I liked what she had to say and share. It inspired me to begin thinking about myself and the graduating class of 2017.  And….I would like to give a little advice, or just something to think about, as […]

Keeping your Wheels and Backside in Motion During the Winter Months

It is that time of year again. The sun sets earlier, the temperature nips at your nose, and we feel pressured to trade in our flip-flops for sweatshirts. As Old Man Winter comes knocking, it becomes more difficult to stay motivated to move and exercise. All activities become relegated to the indoors. For some that means hitting […]

Get Outdoors and Moving to Increase Problem-Solving Skills

Last March I attended the YMCA of Rock River Valley’s Community Dinner featuring John Ratzenberger. John is most known for his role as Cliff Clavin on the series Cheers and for his voice roles for Pixar. He also produced and starred in the Travel Channel series, Made In America. At this Community Dinner, he had […]

The Struggles of an Athlete

Why didn’t you quit? On that last rep, when you injured yourself, when you were frustrated out of your mind. Why didn’t you stop right then? Because you’re an athlete. And the best athletes, the ones who truly love what they are doing, don’t give up when things get tough. They persevere, they work through […]

How Are You Going to Spend Your Summer

School is out and summer ‘16 has just begun. Have you thought about how you want to spend it? If you plan to just coast this summer staying at home binge watching Netflix; sleeping in until someone checks in on you to see if you are still breathing; or, sitting by the pool checking social […]

5 Reasons To Get Your Dose of Vitamin N (Nature)

5 Reasons You Should to Get Your Dose of Vitamin N (Nature)
By Be Active Outdoors and Nature At The Confluence.

We know nature makes us feel good. That’s why when the sun comes out everybody jumps for joy and heads outdoors. But did you know that nature can heal your over-stressed brain? Yes it can! And it can affect your […]

Baby Steps Offer Big Rewards

How I started over – RUNNING

In 1985 (yes, there was a 1985. And yes, I know, It was eons ago) I was listening to Duran Duran, begging my parents to buy a VCR, and wearing tightly rolled jeans. I remember it well.  

Anyway, I tried out for the freshman volleyball team and was cut. I […]

Summer Jobs are Important

Summer is finally here, which is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather.  But, have you thought about taking on a little extra responsibility this summer and saving up a some money?

There are plenty of jobs available for you to stay outside and enjoy the warmer weather.  Below are some summer […]

This Vacation was a Work-Out!

Getting in Shape to Live Life to the Fullest

Vacation is for relaxing and recovering, right? Vacation is supposed to be lying down on a lounge chair on the beach basking in the sun, right? If that would have happened this past week, I would have been in-shape to succeed!

Last week, however, I was vacationing with […]

Spine Center Video #2

Hey #bfitnation, Kim Alexander and the Rockford Spine Center have another amazing video to share with you.  This video focuses on mobility exercises.  Kim and his assistant demonstrate easy, at-home exercises to enhance your mobility.

Check it out for yourself:

A special shout out to Michael Kaufman and Yunpeng Hou for filming and editing this video.  

Yoga – For Health, Relaxation and Strength

Hey #bfitnation!! Last time you heard from me, I promised to share with you some more about practicing yoga, so here we go!

Yoga, though a great source for exercise, is for sure a practice rather than a sport. Keep in mind that this may not necessarily be your thing… and that is totally okay! But […]

Heart and Mind- a Balancing Act


Imagine the sound of your parents’ voices in the morning, “Wake up, time to get ready…did you hear me?!”  Or, “If I have to wake you up one more time!” Familiar words? We all have heard this at some point or another. Getting up in the morning is a gruesome task, along with staying focused […]

An Easy Way to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Hey, #bfitnation! With the New Year comes a perfect opportunity to work on your health, and an incredibly easy (and fun) way to do this is by improving the way you eat on a daily basis. Over my winter break from school, I read a fantastic book called Yoga Girl, written by Rachel Brathen. In […]

Easy Exercises to Stay Fit

Hey #Bfitnation!  Looking for easy exercises to kick-start your New Year’s resolution?  Check out the Rockford Spine Center’s first of many video blogs!   Physical Therapist Kim Alexander walks you through five exercises to help increase body strength.  

The Video includes instruction of these five exercises:

TRX rows/inverted row
Push ups
Lateral squats

Stay tuned for the second video of the series!


Video […]

How to Stay Fit During the New Year

Happy New Year Bfit followers! As the craziness of the holidays comes to a close, finding time to exercise may be a little easier. However, with the weather getting cold(er), more sedentary activities can set in, leading to less energy burned. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you burning calories, getting active and […]

Creating Healthy Habits

When it comes to health, habits will get you there. Habits lead to a lifestyle. If you are forming unhealthy habits they will lead you down an unhealthy path. If you are building healthy habits, they will become a part of your everyday routine. There are some great things you can decide for yourself today […]

Fall Into Activity

The fall season is one of the best times of the year to get outside and be active. The weather is perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports including hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking.

If you are not feeling ambitious enough for a hike through Rock Cut State Park, walking around your neighborhood with a friend […]

Why Girls Should Play Sports

For many young people, playing sports is a no-brainer – especially for boys. However, many girls shy away from playing sports for one reason or another. This blog is for those girls. I want to convince you to rethink your decision – you’ll thank yourself down the road.

Playing sports impacts a girl’s life more than […]


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