Creativity and Fitness

As an artist, you need a certain type of energy and curiosity. Each area of study has their group of interested followers. Art is an especially welcoming and open area of study and appreciation; There are artists with their special areas of skill–painters, musicians, actors, sculptors, poets etc…And there are art appreciators. For example, you […]

Healthy Hair

Most people always hear about different ways to keep your body healthy from exercising to  eating better. A health regime that is often neglected, however, is that of taking care of your hair.

Growing up as the daughter of a cosmetologist I have learned a thing or two about hair care. And, when you spend […]

Rockford Spine Center Video #3

Kim Alexander from the Rockford Spine Center has another video demonstrating some simple stretches and exercises to help you start the new year out feeling great! 

Check out the video below.

By Kim Alexander, Physical Therapist at the Rockford Spine Center

Maybe It’s Time To Just Relax

Recently I have found myself trying to do everything.

It is the beginning of the school year after all and there’s classes and homework, sports and extracurricular activities, studying for the ACT, college applications, football games and the time you spend hanging out after them, shopping and planning for homecoming, the who should I ask […]

Keeping your Wheels and Backside in Motion During the Winter Months

It is that time of year again. The sun sets earlier, the temperature nips at your nose, and we feel pressured to trade in our flip-flops for sweatshirts. As Old Man Winter comes knocking, it becomes more difficult to stay motivated to move and exercise. All activities become relegated to the indoors. For some that means hitting […]

Keep Hydrated

Summer is here and the weather is beginning to warm-up. If you are participating in an outdoor sport – or even an indoor sport – it is extremely important to make sure you are staying hydrated.

Your body depends on water to survive and thrive. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to […]

Baby Steps Offer Big Rewards

How I started over – RUNNING

In 1985 (yes, there was a 1985. And yes, I know, It was eons ago) I was listening to Duran Duran, begging my parents to buy a VCR, and wearing tightly rolled jeans. I remember it well.  

Anyway, I tried out for the freshman volleyball team and was cut. I […]

Yoga – For Health, Relaxation and Strength

Hey #bfitnation!! Last time you heard from me, I promised to share with you some more about practicing yoga, so here we go!

Yoga, though a great source for exercise, is for sure a practice rather than a sport. Keep in mind that this may not necessarily be your thing… and that is totally okay! But […]

The DL(2) on the ACL

Time Does Not Fly

Hello Bfitnation!  It is October 15 and it has been 183 days since I tore my ACL and Meniscus and 134 days since my surgery.  I just completed my last physical therapy session – Hallelujah! Yay! Yahoo! And all that good stuff. And to Amy, my physical therapist for the last few […]

Sports Health Rules 101

There’s nothing like the rush of running onto a high school football field on a Friday night, or suiting up for a wrestling match or volleyball game. And we all know it’s healthy, both mentally and physically, for teens to compete athletically.

But it’s important to match enthusiasm with common sense when it comes to […]

The DL on the ACL

This Bfitteens Blog is written by Bridget K. | August 14, 2015

In late May with only 25 seconds into the soccer game, I was running down field just about ready to kick the ball, when an opposing player went for the ball too.  Instead of kicking the ball, however, she kicked me on the side […]


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