School is out and summer ‘16 has just begun. Have you thought about how you want to spend it? If you plan to just coast this summer staying at home binge watching Netflix; sleeping in until someone checks in on you to see if you are still breathing; or, sitting by the pool checking social media, then you are not alone. Sounds like the kind of summer most teens might be thinking would feel pretty good.sb1

That might be a good plan for the first two weeks….but then what? Summer is a great time to try new things, take risks, have an adventure, be active, get a job. A great way to motivate yourself to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, is to write a summer bucket list! Yup! A summer bucket list.

Last week I made a summer bucket list with my best friend, Natalie (because it’s always better to do things with a partner in crime) and she keeps me honest about my goals. I do the same for her.

We started creating our bucket list by having each of us write a list the of things we wanted to accomplish this summer. We did this independently and then shared our list with each other. After lots of conversation and a few coffees at Starbucks – we came up with our top 20 must do list for summer ‘16.

To make sure we both were serious about completing this bucket list, we wrote it down and signed it. We knew that we were more apt to accomplish all 20 goals if we wrote them down and kept the list posted where we both could see it every day! More motivation to get those items checked-off! Plus, we actually listed some very fun things we wanted to accomplish – aside from overcoming our fear  of heights, all 20 seemed doable! I’ll keep you posted on overcoming our fear of heights.

So what are some of the things on our bucket list?

Compete in The Rock River Anything That Floats Race. If you are in the Rockford region, sign-up and and join in on the fun as we compete to win on August 21. bFITTEENS is our sponsor – look for our raft!

Play Soccer Golf – Check out this video for more information on this fun game of soccer and golf.

Overcome our fear of heights by riding on the Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Great America.

See the movie, Finding Dory. Who doesn’t love Dory!

Actually finish our summer reading assignments before school starts. And….school starts in 63 days, just say’n.

Wakeboard at West Rock Wake Park. We both are looking forward to checking out this park!

Kayak at Rock Cut State Park We’ve only been canoeing, so we decided to try kayaking.

So, are you inspired to start your own bucket list? Here are some articles with lots of ideas for your own summer ‘16 bucket list:

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If you want to share your list with bFIT, just email it to me at I will share all bucket lists in an upcoming blog.

Written by Bridget Krysztopa, founder of bFITteens Bridget Bfit Teens Rockford 2