Happy New Year Bfit followers! As the craziness of the holidays comes to a close, finding time to exercise may be a little easier. However, with the weather getting cold(er), more sedentary activities can set in, leading to less energy burned. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you burning calories, getting active and managing stress in a positive light:

  • Find activities that will be favorable to going outside in the weather such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and ice skating.  All of these activities can be great workouts and are fun to do with others.  
  • Find opportunities where you can be active in your neighborhood.  Offer to shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or driveway.  Take your dog for a long walk – or again, offer to take a neighbor’s or friend’s dog for a walk.  Invite a friend to join you.
  • Find ways to increase your heart rate when out shopping, going to a movie, or running errands. Park farther away in a parking lot, take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator and take extra laps around a store, the mall or even your school.
  • Make a commitment not to skip your regular workouts whether it is at the gym or at home.  Make sure to set aside time in your schedule to do your normal exercises.
  • Make sedentary activities more active such as doing jumping jacks during a commercial or stand up and do squats instead of sitting in a chair.  You may feel silly at first but little spurts of activity all add up!
  • Lastly, enjoy the kick-off to a new year.  Spend it with family and friends and be fit and active together.  Find time to relax and use exercise to combat stress.  Remember that staying fit is a priority all year long!


Written by: Jennifer Kalousek, R.D.N., L.D.N, Clinical Dietitian
                      Rockford Health System