Recently I have found myself trying to do everything.

It is the beginning of the school year after all and there’s classes and homework, sports and extracurricular activities, studying for the ACT, college applications, football games and the time you spend hanging out after them, shopping and planning for homecoming, the who should I ask and will I be asked dilemma. And while most of these are fun activities, I found myself not completely enjoying them. At all.

The football games were taking too long and the homecoming shopping was rushed; I just wanted each thing to be over, so I could move on to the next thing. At the end of each week all I wanted to do was stay home and sleep, but no, I had to have people over.

I think I felt this way specifically because I am a senior this year and I see my time with my friends as limited. But I have come to see that rushing through twenty things a week is not the answer. I wasn’t enjoying the things I was doing, so it was like I wasn’t doing them at all. And doesn’t that seem ridiculous? It was the exact opposite of the goal I was trying to achieve.

So I began to wonder “what am I doing wrong?” Many people tell seniors to enjoy their last year. I took this to mean “do as many fun things as possible” but I am now realizing it could also mean something else – relax! Go to events if you will have a good time and take in every moment of it. Not go to as many things/events as possible, but enjoy to the fullest the things you do decide to do. And while I’m feeling this specifically as a senior, it applies to all teens, as well.

Sometimes we all feel the need to do everything. And oftentimes we also need to just relax. So I am trying something new – almost a laissez-faire approach – for the next few weeks. Now this doesn’t mean I’m not going to do anything – football games, homecoming and hanging out are still on the agenda. But some nights and weekends I’m just going to finish my homework and relax. Maybe watch some TV with my family. Who knows if it will work? But I am going to try it, and if this post sounds any bit familiar to your life, I recommend you try it too.

Written by Kate Foster, bFIT Blogger image1 (7)