Summer is finally here, which is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather.  But, have you thought about taking on a little extra responsibility this summer and saving up a some money?

There are plenty of jobs available for you to stay outside and enjoy the warmer weather.  Below are some summer jobs that could be your perfect fit.

Lifeguard or Swim Instructor

This one is a given.  What better way to enjoy the outdoors and get paid for hanging out by the pool all summer?  It’s a big responsibility to make sure kids and adults stay safe poolside.  It’s no easy task to become a lifeguard or swim instructor.  You have to go through extensive training and receive certifications.  But, in the long run, you will be All Rights Reserved © Keith Berr Productions, Inc. 1420 East 31st Street Cleveland Ohio 44114 216.566.7950 www.keithberrphotography.comthankful for it.

It may be too late in the season to find a lifeguard position at some area facilities.  But, it can’t hurt to contact the Rockford Park District or other area organizations to see if they have any openings for this year or to put your name in for next year.

Landscaping and Mowing

If you like the outdoors and don’t mind a little dirt, working for a landscape company may be just what you need to earn some money and get some fresh air.

Landscaping really picks up in the summer, so now is the time to search for any open positions.  There are a lot of landscaping companies looking for workers to mow, weed, spread mulch, and the list goes on and on.  So, get online and check out what’s available.  Here’s a good start!

Greenhouse or Nursery

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for greenhouses, which is pretty obvious.  Because of the need to keep plants fresh and vibrant, greenhouses need responsible workers who are going to show up on time and make sure every plant is tended to.  

bloggNot only can you find seasonal jobs at local nurseries; many times you can find seasonal jobs at larger stores in their garden departments.  

Be Your Own Boss

You don’t always have to go out and search for a job to make money over the summer.  There are a lot of things you can do to earn cash on your own.  Ask your parents, relatives and neighbors if they need any assistance around their house.  Maybe they need a fence painted, their lawn mown or need a summer babysitter.  

Plan a day out with friends picking up trash along a road.   At the end of the day, you can turn some of that trash into cash at a local recycling plant.  Not only are you making a little extra money and spending quality time with your friends, you are also helping the environment.  

Whatever it is you plan on doing this summer, make sure you still take time out for yourself.  You have your whole life to work.  Don’t miss out on summer fun, while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

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Written by Heather Wick, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Alpine Bank